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"My year end [2016] results were a return of just under 30%, which easily beat the performance of both my more traditional portfolio and the major indices."
Honyock57 (Seeking Alpha profile / full email)
"Thanks for your screener. It is superior to anything I have seen out there as it is the only one that is faithful to Graham which gives me total confidence in screening for great stocks." c_gabriel99 (Seeking Alpha profile)
"I feel like most websites are over complicating it. Your approach and how you lay it out has been the best I've seen out of everything I've researched thus far."
"The tools provided on your website have been extremely useful and I definitely found the screeners you provide to be time savers!"
jhissa (Seeking Alpha profile)
"Thanks for a great service, and I look forward to your advice." Irish57 (Seeking Alpha profile)
"Love the website. I use it frequently to start my analysis for value stocks." Westfjord (Seeking Alpha profile)
"I enjoy looking at your site as a resource for mining valuable stock opportunities." nwinjim (Seeking Alpha profile)
"You guys are great! As a value investor I'm very glad you guys stick to Graham's true principles and calculations in your models/screens. Thank you." jleon89
"Stunning! What a great, great tool! Noticed your reply to an SA post and found your link. I'll never buy a stock again without consulting you database. Thank you!!!" Dennis Rees
"I just read your great article on SA today and would like to follow the practices that Graham recommends .... Thanks in advance for your thoughts and I look forward to using your site extensively in the future." kcourten
"thank you for a wonderful site. Now it makes so much easier to find Graham stocks!" mindaugas12
"The site has a wealth of good information that I am just starting to appreciate!" davemattoon
"you run a great service" booksisii
"I love your website and your screener" Gambit
"Many thanks for your awesome work here." Chartwell54
"I really like the concept of what you are doing."
"Site is looking good :) Overall, I like comprehensive screen functionality." JohnV
"are you really giving this away for free? ... you are providing a lot of value here."
"I look forward to following your progress and familiarizing myself with your screeners and other tools." Tom W
"Thank you for your great site. Indeed it was the site that I was missing a lot." Aspenhawk
"I find very interesting this project, if you need some help please let me know. I write from Italy." gns
"i recently discovered this great site! My compliments!" Dave
"I want to thank you for creating such a great website. ..... Thanks and keep up the great work!" hacksmurf
"Awesome! Thanks for your great work. Such a valuable tool I refer to almost daily" stluper
"I can't say enough about the great work that you have done!" bgully317
"I'm loving the stock screener so far thanks a ton for putting together a great product." justinmabrams92

Comments on Serenity

"I have been manually computing Graham numbers and ratios for quite some time and am thrilled to have find your website. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. May God bless you and your loved ones." findrichard (see comment)
"All my gratitude to you, the builder of this marvelous site ! Exceptionally profitable. All my thanks also to Ben Graham !" Aspenhawk (see comment)
"I say bravo once again. your screener is perfect. the greatest gratitude for all your work" Aspenhawk (see comment)
"Thank you for maintaining a superior website." rcfowler (see comment)
"Your website has been very helpful so far, for which I am very appreciative." bhatfield (see comment)
"Keep up the great work!" klempo (see comment)
"Thank you so much for any advice, and i love your site!" Justin Barracosa (see comment)

Email From Unregistered Users

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"I like your content." Timothy Lutts, President, Cabot Wealth Network
"Very interesting." Timothy M. Hyland, Managing Director, Boyd Watterson Asset Management
"Are you looking for people that can help with the site? I'm happy that people like you exist" Gabriele Giordano (Seeking Alpha profile)
"After doing some searching it seems like this is pretty much the only website that seems to screen using Graham's actual requirements. Is there a reason why serenity stocks is pretty much the only website that completely follows Graham's requirements for stock picking? As a firm believer in Graham's idea of valuing stocks, this website almost seems too good to be true. "
"Thank you for your excellent service!" J. Link
"I just wanted to say your site is great !! Very easy to understand grahams math now .. and how you separated the formulas makes life so much easier for a Walter Schloss type like myself who wants it simple ... Keep it up" Dwayne
"First off, love the concept of the site! It's a great resource that all investors should consult before making an investment decision." M. Brown
"Your website and stock screeners are great, just wondering if you would ever consider making a stock screener for the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)?" Brian
"I really like the serenity screener a lot but I'm currently living in Germany...... I'd like you to ask if I can help you extend the screener for German DAX stocks. " M. Vahsen
"I'm a French investor much interested in Graham's investing approach. Your website is great and you did an amazing job with the new filtering features you added to the screener." M. Gasser
"I just wanted to say thank you for your guidance! The website is great and I really appreciate all of your guidance. Keep up the good work." Anthony
"Many thanks for the amazing website. I've been a fan of BG from some time and really like what you have put together here." John
"Where can I donate? Your website is a remarkably useful tool for portfolio selection. I would like to donate to keep this website alive!" M. Belluz
"Thank you very much! I sincerely appreciate your response and I think your site is fantastic - very well written, informative and filled with incredible tools" S. John

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