Upgrades For 2019

Serenity is receiving multiple upgrades going into 2019.

US, UK, Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia

Earlier this year, Serenity started applying Graham's complete framework to 50,000+ stocks across the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, Australia and 34 other countries; including all of Europe.

Screening by Sectors

Serenity will now list sectors for all companies and support screening by sectors on the Advanced Graham Screener.

Sectors are relevant only in an advanced application of Graham's framework, which is screening for Utilities and Financials. However, Serenity supports all 11 sectors defined by the the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICSĀ®).

Fast Manual Analysis

Every stock page on Serenity now has a link using which one can manually analyze the stock oneself, but with all the data fields prefilled. For an example, see the analysis page for AAPL (under the Stock Info tab).

For a full description of Graham analysis on Serenity, please see the Quick Reference.

Graham Resources