Seattle Genetics (SGEN)

Why is Seattle Genetics ticker: SGEN Previous Close is "zero" in Grahan Analysis research? See below for research details. The previous close is 188.78

Intrinsic Value is the price corresponding to a stock's Graham Grade: Defensive, Enterprising or NCAV.
Intrinsic Value(%) is Intrinsic Value ÷ Previous Close, expressed as a percentage.
Defensive Price (Graham №):
Enterprising Price (Serenity №):
NCAV Price (Net-Net):
Graham Grade:
NCAV (Net-Net)
Intrinsic Value:
Previous Close:
Intrinsic Value(%):
Currency: USD

SGEN clears Graham's qualitative criteria for the NCAV (Net-Net) investment grade. Therefore, its Intrinsic Value is equivalent to its NCAV (Net-Net) Price. However, since its Previous Close is Zero, SGEN's Intrinsic Value(%) too evaluates to Zero. But Graham also required his Intrinsic Value calculations to be adjusted for current bond yields.

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Seagen Inc (SGEN)

Dear spenumal,

Thank you for your forum post!

Serenity gets all its data from its data provider — Finnhub — and does not appear to be getting any stock price updates for Seattle Genetics Inc (SGEN). Hopefully, this should get corrected in one of the subsequent daily price updates.

However, SGEN does appear to have accurate fundamental data; and the current stock price seems to far exceed its Intrinsic Value.

Please note that Serenity is designed to err on the side of caution. So whenever there is any kind of discrepancy in the price data, the stock's price is marked Zero to prevent it from showing on the screeners.

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Dear spenumal,

Your reply above was deleted by mistake. Apologies!

But the response to your question about how to filter such stocks is given below:

As mentioned in the previous comment, the removal of price data for such stocks is done on purpose; to err on the side of caution and prevent the stock from showing on the screeners.

However, all stocks with a positive NCAV Price (Net-Net) can still be listed using the sort feature of the screeners; which can be done by clicking on the column headers.

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Thanks. I can but if the value for example "Previous Close" is zero, how do I sort on that column with that of Net-Net value? Basically I am looking to filter Net-net instrinsic value stocks >= 60%.

Dear spenumal,

You cannot filter or sort by NCAV or Net-Net(%) for such stocks; but you can find those with a positive NCAV Price (Net-Net), even if their Previous Close is marked Zero.

Thank you!

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