Calculations correct?

Hello Serenity

I am confused about the calculations. I searched the forum for info, and found this:

OK, so GSY has in its last fiscal year:
Annual Sales:
652.92 Million
Current Assets:
1,254.00 Million
Total Assets:
1,501.92 Million
Current Liabilities:
278.00 Million
Long Term Debt:
689.00 Million
Total Liabilities:
1,058.40 Million
Shares Outstanding:
16.00 Million

The Calculator preview when I do an analysis shows
Current Assets ÷ [2 x Current Liabilities]: 21.28%
1254 / (2*278) = 2.2554 or 225.54%

Can you help?

I clicked Save, and see that the calculations have been updated from the Preview's numbers. The Preview is a little hard to read. Would you consider making it look the same as the Analysis page, perhaps with PREVIEW at top?

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Dear Tranquility,

Thank you for your analysis of goeasy Ltd. Serenity's automated analysis can be seen at goeasy Ltd (GSY.TO).

The Preview feature has also been cleaned up to remove display of superfluous fields during previews of stock saves. Thank you for the feedback!

However, please note that the Preview feature is only for provided for visualization of content and formatting etc; and does not actually include calculations. The actual calculations are only done when the stock is saved.

Thanks, Serenity. I'm OK with that; I just didn't want to save an entry if the calculations turned out to be the same or not significantly different than what you had already calculated.

Maybe I could also ask: why did the automated version show 0.00% for the calculations? is there something I'm (likely) missing ?

Current Assets ÷ [2 x Current Liabilities]:
Net Current Assets ÷ Long Term Debt:

Dear Tranquility,

Thank you for your comment!

Serenity gets all data for its automated analyses from its data provider — Finnhub — and as you can see in goeasy Ltd (GSY.TO), the required balance sheet data for the said metrics appears to be unavailable.

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