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First off, thanks for this website. It's great for someone who is new to
value investing and just getting to know Graham's ideas and how to apply

I have been playing around with the site for a few weeks now and am still
slightly confused about two things, so I thought I'd ask.

1) Is all of the data that appears in the stock screener entered manually by
either Serenity or another user? Are there any mechanisms to ensure that the
data is accurate? I entered Tim Horton's yesterday and see that it came up on
the screener for all users, but I'm very new to investing and reading
financial statements, and although I tried my best to enter the values
properly directly from their financial statements, I'm not confident enough
in what I entered that I would actually give my result to someone else to

2) Is there a way to sort stocks in the screener based not only on whether
they are Defensive/Enterprising/NCAV, but also on whether the current price
is lower than the Graham number? I know I can see this for myself, but it
would be nice if the stock screener can do this. Also, it would be nice if it
told you how much lower than the Graham number the current price is. Was that
a question? I think it was half question, half comment/suggestion.

Anyway, I love the site, and in particular your breakdown of Graham's
formulas/methods and how to use them. I had no idea that the Graham formula
everyone cites is actually a formula he recommended NOT using until I read it
on Serenity.

Hello Pushpaw,

It's great to have you on Serenity!

To answer your questions:

1. As of today, Serenity has the data for about 6000 NYSE and NASDAQ stocks automatically loaded onto its servers.
By default, users are only shown these automatic analyses on Serenity’s screeners.
Users are not shown analyses by other users unless they specifically look for them. All stock analyses are clearly marked with the source of the analysis.

2. There is a separate screener for doing exactly what you require - The Graham-Number Stock Screener
You simply need to enter a value for the (Gr No. / Price) field for the kind of screening you require.
The screener is capable of quite a few other customized searches as well.
For details, please see -

Serenity Support
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