Bond yield now at 2.38% how to calculate

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My other question regards intrinsic value and the current AAA corporate bond yield. I’m having some trouble figuring out which to go with. A lot of stocks I screened using the enterprising and NCAV screeners did post a lot of 100%+ intrinsic value stocks. But when I screened stocks myself using similar data points, I came with a larger list, some stocks including EVR and GNTX were listed and had a rating of 7 or above. How does one calculate that into the equation?
I did however find how to calculate today’s bond yield into P/E ratio and got this. 100/2.38=42.016. So I would assume in today’s market that we can invest into companies with up to a P/E ratio of 42?
I’m just alittle confused as to what stocks on the screener now reflect such different P/Es and if there is a way to screen better.

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This issue is discussed in detail in Adjusting Benjamin Graham's Price Calculations Today.

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Thanks for the response. So with that being said, is there anyway via the stock screener to account for the new yields and p/e? Or is there further research after I find the stocks to figure that part out?

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The link above gives a sample calculation of how Bond Yields of 3.3% would lead to an Intrinsic Value(%) of 70% on Serenity.

A similar calculation for Bond Yields of 2.38% would lead to an Intrinsic Value(%) of approximately 60% on Serenity. Such a calculation is given in Value Investing Across Countries And Economies (which is linked to from the link above).

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