Does Your System Have the Ability to Provide Me With a Daily List of the Most Undervalued Companies?


I need a software program that will keep me abreast daily of which companies are selling at what percentage below and above the Graham number. Every day, I want to be able to look at a list from lowest below the Graham Number to highest above the Graham number. It might look something like this:

BAC (Bank of America Corp): -39%
BK (The Bank of New York Mellon Corp): -38%
NUE (Nucor Corp): -32%

I need to be able to eliminate companies from the list permanently so that I have a clean list of only the ones I'm interested in following. There are twenty or more Chinese companies trading on the NYSE that have the appearance of being undervalued, but in reality are simply terrible companies and that is why they are "undervalued."

Does your software have the ability to generate a daily list of what I'm seeking? If so, how can I get it? If not, might you consider developing such a modification to your current system?

Dear Linus Christopher,

The functionality you require is already available using a combination of the Screener and the Watchlist.

For example, you can easily use the screener's sort feature to get a list of the stocks selling with the highest Graham Number(%) values. You can then simply add the stocks from that list that you wish to track to your personal Watchlist.

But again, please bear in mind that the Graham Number is not meant to be used in isolation.

Thank you for your forum post!

Serenity's WatchList (free / requires sign-up) is what is sometimes referred to as a Reverse Stock Screener, a tool for comparing your own list of stocks.

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