Intrinsic Value

Why does the Classic Graham Screener use 90% as the max intrinsic value? Isn't it suggested by Graham to purchase the stock when it is below the intrinsic value number? Using 90%, a stock will never show up in the screener that is buyable according to Graham. The intrinsic value price will always be lower than the previous close price. An example is the defensive stock CSH with a 198% intrinsic value. This will never show up in the basic screener.

So why isn't the default intrinsic value filter set to 100% or greater? Am I misunderstanding what the intrinsic value price means? If I am, could someone show me a stock that is purchasable according to Graham's standards that shows up in the Classic Graham Screener?

Hello Pinch,

The Advanced Graham Screener allows you to:

  • Fine-tune Graham's rules with more customizable filter combinations.
  • View and compare more data per stock, and more stocks per page.
  • View stocks with Intrinsic Value(%) values exceeding 90%, and stocks analyzed by other users.

For more details, please click here.

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