What am I missing....


I put together some data regarding the blog posts in 2013, which outline good stocks for NCAV, Enterprise, and Defensive investor styles.
These are my results:

Not looking so great :-(

In Summary,
NCAV: -600%
Defensive: +146%
Enterprise: +565%

This is over 4 years - from when you posted the priced up until today. It makes me very afraid of NCAV, most of those stocks stopped selling is seems.

Dear Worthy7,

There will always be ups and downs in Individual stocks in a Graham portfolio.

Keep in mind that Graham recommended a framework for building an investment portfolio, not for picking individual stocks.
For example, as per Graham's diversification rules, one would never allocate more than 3.3% of one's investment capital to a single NCAV stock.

So, performance of individual Graham stocks — and over shorter time periods — may not be impressive.
But in the aggregate — and over an extended period of time — a Graham portfolio will beat any other form of investment management.

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