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Are you familiar with Evan Bleker? It is the man behind the NetNetHunter website. I recently purchased his book "“Benjamin Graham’s Net-Net Stock Strategy” and he says Graham was using the NNWC approach when selecting net-nets during the 1950s and 1960s. From what I’ve found online, it really seems to me that Graham was always using the NCAV approach when buying net-nets. Am I right? I have found numerous quotes to make me believe this, one of them is this one: “My first, more limited, technique confines itself to the purchase of common stocks at less than their working-capital value, or net-current-asset value, giving no weight to the plant and other fixed assets, and deducting all liabilities in full from the current assets. We used this approach extensively in managing investment funds, and over a 30-odd year period we must have earned…” (A Conversation with Benjamin Graham Financial Analysts Journal – 1976). I am really doubting the content of the whole book after reading what seems to be incorrect information about something very basic.

Dear Abdi,

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You're quite right about Graham and NCAV. Applying The NCAV Strategy Correctly should corroborate what you have written above in that regard.

As for the matter regarding the third-party website and the individual behind it, Serenity cannot express an opinion for obvious reasons.

Thank you for understanding!

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