Is it possible to provide a "Graham Result" for American Airlines (AAL)?

Under the tab, "Graham Result," there is no Defensive Price. Is there some way you might be able to provide one? Thank you.

Defensive Price (Graham №): 0.00
Enterprising Price (Serenity №): 0.00
NCAV Price (Net-Net): 0.00
Graham Grade: Ungraded
Intrinsic Value: 0.00
Previous Close: 11.11
Intrinsic Value(%): 0.00%
Currency: USD

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American Airlines Group Inc (AAL)

Dear Linus Christopher,

Thank you for your forum post!

American Airlines Group Inc (AAL) seems to have negative values for multiple items such as Book Value Per Share (BVPS), Tangible Book Value Per Share (TBVPS) and EPS - TTM. This is the reason that none of Graham's Intrinsic Value formulas are returning any positive values there.

The only positive results available seem to be some of the Graham Ratings which are not based on the above variables.

If you'd like, you can use the Analyze AAL Yourself button in the Stock Data tab to change the negative values and get more customized results. But please note that such analyses will be automatically labelled as not done by Serenity.

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