Opinion about Waddell & Reed Financial Inc (WDR)

I would like to get an opinion on Waddell & Reed Financial Inc (WDR) stocks that is currently having a huge price cut (PE: 8/1, PB:1.8/1). At the same time, the company remains very healthy, EPS growth 3 yr avg: 17% (positive eps in the past 10 yrs), current ratio: 3.26, debt/equity: 0.23, and dividend yield: 10% (paying dividends in the past 19 years). I personally think this is more Defensive stock since it barely missed the category due to the dividend record.

Current Risks:
* New Federal Fiduciary Rule
* Lost of third party fund distributors
* New CEO trying to go more "digital"

What did Ben Graham think of investing in asset management industry? Ben Graham is all about diversification. Did he mention a maximum investment capital percentage that a value investor should invest in a stock?

Thank you for your forum post, Will!

Waddell & Reed Financial Inc (WDR) is indeed very close to clearing both Defensive and Enterprising Graham criteria.

Benjamin Graham did indeed give very specific instructions for evaluating Public-Utilities and Financial Enterprises.

Graham did give very specific instructions on Position Sizing as well.

Hope this answers all your questions!
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