Weibo Corp (WB)

A Value Investing assessment using Benjamin Graham's 17-rule framework that Warren Buffett recommends Free!

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Final Graham Assessment
Intrinsic Value is the price corresponding to a stock's Graham GradeDefensive, Enterprising or NCAV. Intrinsic Value(%) is Intrinsic Value ÷ Previous Close, expressed as a percentage. For details, please see the Quick Reference.
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NCAV (Net-Net)
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WB clears Graham's qualitative criteria for the NCAV (Net-Net) investment grade. Therefore, its Intrinsic Value is equivalent to its NCAV (Net-Net) Price. However, WB's Intrinsic Value(%) evaluates to less than 100% — 2.91% — because its Previous Close is higher than its Intrinsic Value.

Note: This does not necessarily make WB a bad investment. Graham specified additional categories for Blue Chips, Utilities & Financials, and Special Situations. Graham's Intrinsic Value calculations need to be adjusted for current bond yields as well. The Graham Ratings tab gives an overall picture of WB's Margin of Safety.