17-Point Value Investing with Benjamin Graham

Do you want to invest, and need a reliable way to analyze stocks?

Benjamin Graham was a scholar and professional investor who mentored investing legends such as Warren Buffett, William J. Ruane, Irving Kahn and Walter J. Schloss.

Serenity Stocks helps you screen 5000+ U.S. stocks against Graham's investment framework.

Graham recommended three categories of stocks - Defensive, Enterprising and NCAV - with 17 rules for Quality and Quantity.

Serenity Stocks applies this framework to 5000+ U.S. stocks, and provides search and screener functionalities.

Use Serenity Stocks to:

1. Automate your Due Diligence.
2. Quantify your Investment Research.
3. Invest like the Professionals.

The Classic Graham Screener (free)

Screen 5000+ U.S. stocks by the 17-point Value Investing framework of Warren Buffett's mentor.

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Company Ticker Symbol Last updated Graham Number Previous Close GN÷PC Qualitative Result Intrinsic Value Quantitative Result* User Rating
1 Cubic Corp (CUB) CUB 2 days $39.63 $44.37 89.31% Defensive $39.63 89.32%
2 Valmont Industries Inc (VMI) VMI 2 days $99.17 $111.23 89.16% Defensive $99.17 89.16%
3 Applied Industrial Technologies Inc (AIT) AIT 2 days $34.16 $38.63 88.44% Defensive $34.16 88.43%
4 Alamo Group Inc (ALG) ALG 2 days $44.74 $52.54 85.16% Defensive $44.74 85.15%
5 Stepan Co (SCL) SCL 2 days $41.27 $49.01 84.21% Defensive $41.27 84.21%