17-Point Value Investing with Benjamin Graham

Benjamin Graham was a scholar and financial analyst who mentored legendary investors such as Warren Buffett, William J. Ruane, Irving Kahn and Walter J. Schloss. Warren Buffett wrote the preface for Graham's book The Intelligent Investor in which he calls it "by far the best book about investing ever written." read more
Graham recommended three categories of stocks - Defensive, Enterprising and NCAV - with 17 rules for Quality (growth/stability) and Quantity (earnings/assets). Serenity applies this framework to 5000+ U.S. stocks. read more
Following Graham's framework helps you:
1. Invest like the professionals.
2. Quantify your Margin of Safety.
3. Maximize your returns. user reviews

The Classic Benjamin Graham Stock Screener

Screen 5000+ U.S. stocks by the 17-point Value Investing framework of Warren Buffett's mentor, for free.

Note: Quantitative Result = [Intrinsic Value ÷ Previous Close](max:100%*), and GN÷PC[Graham Number ÷ Previous Close]

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Company Ticker Symbol Last updated Graham Number Previous Close GN÷PC Qualitative Result Intrinsic Value Quantitative Result* User Rating
1 Applied Industrial Technologies Inc (AIT) AIT 3 days $34.16 $39.68 86.10% Defensive $34.16 86.09%
2 Cubic Corp (CUB) CUB 3 days $39.63 $47.30 83.78% Defensive $39.63 83.78%
3 Alamo Group Inc (ALG) ALG 3 days $44.74 $54.48 82.13% Defensive $44.74 82.12%
4 Valmont Industries Inc (VMI) VMI 3 days $99.17 $121.00 81.96% Defensive $99.17 81.96%
5 Stepan Co (SCL) SCL 3 days $41.27 $52.86 78.08% Defensive $41.27 78.07%

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