Advanced Stock Research with Benjamin Graham

Benjamin Graham was a scholar and financial analyst whose disciples include legendary investors such as Warren Buffett, William J. Ruane, Irving Kahn and Walter J. Schloss. Buffett credits Graham for grounding him with a sound intellectual investment framework. In fact, Graham had such an overwhelming influence on his students that two of them - Buffett and Kahn - named their sons after him.

"Follow Graham and you will profit from folly rather than participate in it." [Benjamin Graham: In Warren Buffett's Words]
Graham emphasized that the secret of sound investment was the Margin of Safety, and specified an investment framework with 17 rules for stock selection.

Serenity Stocks enables you to transparently assess - and screen - 5000 NYSE & NASDAQ stocks against all 17 of Graham's rules.
[Automating Graham's Framework]
Using Serenity Stocks to adhere to Graham's investment framework enables you to:
1. Invest like the professionals.
2. Minimize risk in your investments.
3. Maximize your long-term returns.

"I'll never buy a stock again without consulting your database." -D. Rees
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The Basic Graham Screener

Screen 5000 NYSE and NASDAQ stocks by the 17-point Benjamin Graham assessment [see tutorial].
(See the full-page Basic Graham Screener. For a more customizable search, see The Advanced Graham Screener).

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Company Ticker Symbol Previous Close Last updated Graham Number GN÷PC Qualitative Result Graham Price Quantitative Result
1 Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. RS $71.91 5 hours $73.16 101.74% Excellent / Defensive $73.16 100.00%
2 Cash America International Inc CSH $44.38 6 hours $60.42 136.13% Excellent / Defensive $60.42 100.00%
3 Universal Corporation UVV $46.70 5 hours $67.52 144.58% Excellent / Defensive $67.52 100.00%
4 Hollyfrontier Corp HFC $46.53 5 hours $63.39 136.23% Excellent / Defensive $63.39 100.00%
5 Xinyuan Real Estate Co. Ltd XIN $3.27 5 hours $21.13 646.19% Good / Enterprising $10.13 100.00%