LSE listings error


Is there a problem with the UK stock listings? They seem to all show 'last close at 0.00', so no analysis can be done. When can the error expect to be corrected?


Dear Alasdair,

Thank you for your forum post!

It does appear that many U.K. stocks are currently showing closing prices of Zero, though there still appear to be close to forty U.K. stocks completely clearing Graham's framework (which requires them to have valid prices).

Serenity gets all its data from its data provider — Finnhub — and got a full fundamental data refresh over the weekend, for over a hundred thousand stocks. Some U.K. stocks may not have had their prices returned during this bulk update.

Please note that Serenity is also designed to err on the side of caution. So whenever there is any kind of discrepancy in the price data, the stock's price is marked Zero to prevent it from showing on the screeners.

This should hopefully be corrected in the next daily price update, which should happen within a few hours.

Thank you!

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