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Given below is a list of publicly verifiable testimonials and reviews that Serenity has received since its inception in 2012, with links and references.

On Various Financial Portals

"I use the Classic Benjamin Graham Stock Screener by Serenity Stocks. This is an excellent tool to get you headed in the right direction in looking for undervalued stocks." The Beginner’s Guide To Value Investing (by Chris Muller of Money Mozart)
"For deep value screening in the ilk of Ben Graham I suggest []" Hunting For Value Investments (by Anaximander on The Investor’s Podcast)
"you can use the screener offered by Serenity Stocks, which offers a screener that uses Graham’s value investing rules. Or if you are willing to do the hard work, you can do the analysis yourself." How Ben Graham’s Value Investing Principles Can Help (by Bill Achola on One Cent at a Time)
"The following link maybe of interest... [] ... It is also worth reading some of serenitystocks posting on [GuruFocus]" comment by oddson
"I've been reading serenity stocks - an invaluable help" comment by systematic Are there any Graham stocks on the ASX? (Aussie Stock Forums)

On GuruFocus

"Thanks so much for posting. Would love to hear more about this in another article. Best." comment by Thomas Macpherson Understanding The Benjamin Graham Formula Correctly (by Serenity on GuruFocus)

The above article was also selected as an Editor's Pick on GuruFocus in 2015.

On Seeking Alpha

"the only screener out there that uses Grahams criteria for Defensive, Enterprising and NCAV stocks as stated in the last edition of his book, adjusted only for inflation" comment by Chuck31 The Most Important Financial Interview You've Never Read (by Eric@Servo on Seeking Alpha)
"Awesome site, thanks Clinton." comment by findrichard 7 Defensive Investor Quick Picks For March (by Clinton Holmes on Seeking Alpha)
"Thanks a million for putting together that screener on your site - a fantastic tool!" comment by cardioid
"I really, really appreciate the tools you have provided for value investors." comment by drhay53
"It's always reassuring when someone takes time to help those of us that are trying hard to learn the basics of something new. Thanks much!" comment by tealone
"Thank you. Very informative." comment by cbama12495
"I love the site" comment by npearson86
"I appreciate you putting this together." comment by jlalbalos Investing For Beginners With Benjamin Graham (by Serenity on Seeking Alpha)
"Thank you for the service you are providing and the excellent clarity in this article." comment by keylay31
"An very good article, thanks. It reminds me the principles that Graham wrote." comment by Joe Ontario Using The Graham Number Correctly (by Serenity on Seeking Alpha)
"Thanks Serenity for another great article and your service. I am especially grateful you folks do all these hard calculations" comment by timmy murphy
"Enlightening research--many have claimed that Graham's desirable stock universe has diminished to the point where it is no longer possible to find gems. You have clearly shown otherwise. " comment by Randle Patrick McMurphy
"Thanks for writing this article and sharing your site! Definitely thought provoking. I will be doing research using your site in the next few weeks." comment by LLamaLima How To Build A Complete Benjamin Graham Portfolio (by Serenity on Seeking Alpha)
"Thanks Serenity for this list of fully defensive Graham stocks. Seeing the criteria for this class of stocks spelled out is an important reminder of how defensive Graham was. It is also significant that you mention the lower levels of Graham stocks and provide a screener." comment by Norman Tweed A Unique List Of Fully Defensive Graham Stocks (by Serenity on Seeking Alpha)