Advanced Graham Screener - Refunds

Simply send an email using the contact form.

Serenity has two straightforward plans for the Advanced Graham Screener — $22.50 for one month or $99 for one year.

Serenity has no other promotions or advertisements, does not store your credit card information, and does not renew your plan automatically.

Getting A Refund

If — for any reason — you decide after purchasing a plan that the Advanced Graham Screener is not for you, simply send an email using the contact form. Your refund will be credited through PayPal™ back to the source of payment you used on PayPal™.

There will be a minimum fee of $22.50 for viewing the premium stocks exclusive to the Advanced Graham Screener, since these stocks are accessible immediately on purchase. The number of premium stocks currently available is listed below.

The 1-year plan is therefore eligible for a prorated refund; with deductions of $22.50 for the first month and $7 for every additional month. The 1-month plan is not eligible for a refund.

For example, if a refund is claimed three months after purchase, the total refund will be $99 - $22.50 - $7 - $7 = $62.50. Partial months following the first month will be rounded up or down to the nearest full month.

Reminder: If you'd like to see how Serenity works before purchasing a plan, please use the free Classic Graham Screener.

Premium Stocks

Top-rated stocks exclusive to the Advanced Graham Screener, and accessible immediately on purchase.

Utilities and Financials

Graham Grade Stocks
Defensive 33


Graham Grade Stocks
Defensive 3
Enterprising 28
NCAV (Net-Net) 71

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