Advanced Graham Screener - Refunds

To avail a refund, simply send an email using the contact form.

There are just two plans$22.50 for one month or $99 for one year — for the Advanced Graham Screener.

Serenity has no other promotions or advertisements, does not receive your credit card information, and does not renew your plan automatically.

Getting A Refund

If — for any reason — you decide after purchasing a plan that the Advanced Graham Screener is not for you, simply send an email using the contact form. Your refund will be credited through PayPal back to the source of payment you used on PayPal.

There will be a minimum fee of $22.50 for viewing the premium stocks exclusive to the Advanced Graham Screener, since these stocks are accessible immediately on purchase; as well as to cover PayPal's transaction fees. The number of premium stocks currently available is listed below.

The 1-year plan is therefore eligible for a prorated refund; with deductions of $22.50 for the first month and $7 for every additional month. The 1-month plan is not eligible for a refund.

For example, if a refund is claimed three months after purchase, the total refund will be $99 - $22.50 - $7 - $7 = $62.50. Partial months following the first month will be rounded up or down to the nearest full month.

Reminder: If you'd like to see how Serenity works before purchasing a plan, please use the free Classic Graham Screener.

Premium Stocks

Top-rated stocks exclusive to the Advanced Graham Screener, and accessible immediately on purchase.

Utilities and Financials

Graham Grade Stocks
Defensive 852

Industrials and Other

Graham Grade Stocks
Defensive 422
Enterprising 1,242
NCAV (Net-Net) 1,050