Advanced Graham Screener - Plans

The Advanced Graham Screener is just $45 for one month, or just $225 — $18.75/mo — for one year.

If you'd like to see how Serenity works before purchasing a plan, please use the free Classic Graham Screener.

Premium Stocks

Top-rated stocks are exclusive to the Advanced Graham Screener, and accessible immediately on purchase of a plan.

Use the filters below to see how many such stocks are available for your exchanges.

Utilities and Financials

Graham Grade Stocks
Defensive 121

Industrials and Other

Graham Grade Stocks
Defensive 14
Enterprising 1,093
NCAV (Net-Net) 1,001

Advanced Features

Customize Rules

Combine any of the preset Graham rule-sets with up to eleven additional filters.

View More Data

Sort by seven additional fields per stock, and up to a hundred stocks per page.

List All Stocks

Get an unrestricted comparison of all listed stocks, as well as screen by sector.

No Auto Renewal

Serenity does not receive your credit card information from PayPal™, and will not renew your plan automatically.

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