Where to start; Defensive Position

Hi, I am a complete newby here and excited to get going.
I feel I would like to run with Defensive stocks at this time. Can you give me a hand getting going with my portfolio.
When I choose 'Defensive' from the drop down menu, should I purchase equal weighting of the top 10 companies to satisfy
Graham? And going forward would I sell any droping out of top 10 and add ones moving into top 10?
Also any backtesting how the different Investing styles have done over the past few years?

Many thanks! jim

Thank you for your forum post, Jim!

Serenity has an extensive tutorial - also available as a video - that should help you build and manage a full Graham portfolio.
Quick Reference: Graham and Serenity

Also, Serenity does not normally keep back-tested stock recommendations.

Such records are never reliable because they are extremely easy to fake.
It's a simple matter to change the records retrospectively, or simply have different sets of recommendations and only highlight the ones that performed well.

Serenity follows Graham's investment framework exactly, and the best back-test of Graham's methods are the recommendations of his famous students such as Warren Buffett.
The best recommendations are listed on the front page - www.serenitystocks.com

However, you could see some of Serenity's older articles to see how Graham stocks from the past have performed:

www.serenitystocks.com/article/unique-list-fully-defensive-graham-stocks (2012)

Hope this answers your question.
Thank you for your subscription and it's great to have you on Serenity!

Yours faithfully,
Serenity Support

Hi there Serenity,

I searched for "Backtesting" and found this thread. I would be interested in getting data from serenity using an API (of course I could use the javascript...) but specifically I would be interested in getting PAST data if possible. So for example, the values of NVDA in 2014 (including Graham Grade etc). Is this at all possible?

Dear Worthy7,

Unfortunately, Serenity does not store records of past Graham analyses.
As mentioned in the above comment, the only available records of previous analyses are the older articles.

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